MySQL for Beginners

Learn SQL From Scratch Using MySQL Databases, A Complete SQL Course For Beginners

Created By: John Purcell

About This Course

Big databases are everywhere these days. Facebook, Netflix, Uber, Airbnb use SQL-driven databases - to name just a few.

So, to be a successful developer or data scientist you need to know SQL inside-out.

But - SQL can seem complicated. Especially if you’re a beginner or more familiar with other programming languages. Don’t worry - there’s some good news…

SQL isn’t complicated - or at least it doesn’t need to be, so long as you learn it the right way.

Problem is - too many other courses out there jump around, skipping important concepts or simply teaching things badly.

That’s why this course goes further than most. You’ll get in-depth knowledge and skills that are built-up sequentially to make sure you don’t have any gaps.

License Type: CC-BY

Other Information

  • Certificate will provided in this course on Completion
  • Full lifetime access
  • Available on Mobile & Laptop

What Students Will Learn In Your Course?

  • Understand why databases are used.
  • How to write SQL queries to insert, update and delete data into database.
  • How to write SQL queries to manipulate data.
  • How to write complex SQL queries to obtain useful information from the database

Are There Any Course Requirements Or Prerequisites?

  • No coding, or technical knowledge required.
  • A computer with internet connection.
  • No paid tools are required as the tools required for this course are free.
  • Passion and curiosity to learn someting new.

Who Are Your Target Students?

  • Beginners who want to learn SQL.
  • Database developers and database administrators.
  • Mobile application developers.
  • Web developers.
  • Students who wish to learn a new skill to develop their career.

Course Content

  • 11 lectures
  • 01:27:59
  • Introducing MySQL
  • Installing MySQL and the Workbench
  • Using the Command Line
  • Creating Tables
  • Multiple Columns, int and Data Types
  • Null Values and Not Null
  • Mysql Storage Engines and Configuration
  • SQL Modes
  • Deleting All the Data in a Table
  • Primary Keys
  • Auto Increment

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