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The VCE Vblock Systems Administration and Management course is designed to equip IT professionals with the skills and knowledge needed to efficiently manage and administer Vblock systems. This course will help you gain expertise in deploying, configuring, and managing converged infrastructure systems, which can help you accelerate your career growth.

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Learn to deploy, configure, and manage converged infrastructure systems

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Hands-on training with real-world scenarios

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Expert trainers with years of industry experience

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Skills You’ll Learn


Deployment and configuration of Vblock systems


Management of converged infrastructure systems


Advanced system administration and management


Troubleshooting and problem-solving skills


Best practices for Vblock system administration

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Course Reviews


  • UCS Manager CLI & GUI: Capture Compute Resource Configuration
  • EMC Unisphere for VNX: Capture VNX Storage Configuration Information Navisphere CLI: Capture VNX Storage
  • Solutions Enabler CLI: Capture VMAX Storage Configuration (Optional)
  • NX-OS CLI for MDS Switch: Capture Storage Area Network (SAN) Configuration NX-OS CLI for Nexus 5548: Capture
  • Network Configuration
  • vSphere Web Client: Explore vCenter Configuration
  • Collecting Support Information with VCE Vision and vSphere

  • VCE Vision Intelligent Operations Utilization Vision System Library Administration

  • VCE Vision Plug-in for vCenter Install VCE Vision Plug-in for vCenter

  • Modifying the time zone setting using UCS Manager
  • Adding a network time protocol server using UCS Manager

  • Vblock System Events Log Browser
  • UCS Fault Detection Storage Alerts

  • Running Compliance Scans Installing New Certification Matrixes Installing Optional components in a Compliance
  • Scan
  • Installing the latest VMware vSphere ESXi
  • 5.1 patch

  • Validating SNMP Setting within the UCS Validating SNMP on the MDS switches Validating SNMP on Nexus 5K
  • Switches Validating SNMP on VNX
  • Validating SNMP trap forwarding in EMC Unisphere
  • Configure UCS Threshold Policies Syslog Management
  • Using VCE Vision SNMP in Network Management Systems
  • Testing System Library Configuration

  • Modifying an Initial Service Profile Template
  • Modifying the Service Profile by Bind to an Initial Service Profile Template Cloning a Service Profile to an Updating
  • Service Profile Template
  • Modifying an Updating Service Profile Template and the Bound Service Profile

  • UUID Pool
  • Expand MAC Address Pool Expand WWNN Address Pools Expand the WWPN Pool

  • MDS NX-OS CLI: WWPN Verification UCS Manager: New Boot Policy (VNX) Unisphere for VNX: Connecting to VNX
  • Storage - New Initiators
  • Unisphere for VNX: Connecting to VNX Storage – Storage Groups
  • Unisphere for VNX: Connecting to VNX Storage - Creating a boot LUN

  • Creating a New Service Profile Associate a new service profile Installing ESX-i
  • Restore Original Service Profile LAB 12. Deploying Virtual Machines
  • Creating a New Datastore Provision an Additional LUN Create a New Data Store Creating a Virtual Machine
  • Creating a New VM in vSphere Web Client
  • Accessing the VM Capacity Management
  • VMware Capacity Monitoring

  • Configuring advanced settings for VMware vSpere ESXi 5.1
  • Configure File System and NFS Exports ESXi NFS Configuration
  • VM Access to the NFS File System Finding the NFS VLAN
  • Adding a New Interface To VNX Create new network in vSphere Create new NIC the Application VM Create The
  • NFS Mount on the VM

  • Creating a CIFS Server Create a Volume
  • Creating a File System Pool Creating a CIFS file system
  • Mount a File System on the CIFS Server in VNX
  • Test the CIFS File System on your Management Workstation
  • Mount CIFS on VM

  • VCE Vision Configuration Restoration VCE Vision Interface to Vblock System Configuration
  • Backup of UCS Manager Backup of the Nexus 5k Switch Backup of the MDS Switch

  • Protection in Unisphere                                       

  • vCenter Password Retention
  • VCE Vision Appliance and Central Authorization
  • Adjusting Syslog maximum log file size Securing a New VLANs with Roles Creating a QoS Policy on the Nexus 1000v

  • Segregate UCS Compute Environment Segregate vSphere Access
  • Monitoring Storage Monitor a Storage Pool Monitoring a RAID group Capacity Expansion Expand A Storage Pool
  • Expand an Existing LUN Expand a Data Store
  • Template Creation and Usage
  • Creating a VM Template in vSphere Web Client
  • Creating a VM from a Template Accessing the VM
  • VLAN Creation
  • Add a VLAN on UCS
  • Adding a VLAN to the Cisco Nexus 5000 Adding a VLAN to the Cisco Nexus 1000V
  • Adding the VLAN to VMware Virtual Switch
  • Changing the VLAN for the Application VMs
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