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Docker is a popular containerization technology that helps in simplifying the deployment of applications in different environments. The Docker Training course by Skillzcafe is designed to provide hands-on experience in Docker, covering concepts like Docker Compose, Docker Networking, Docker Swarm, and more. With this course, you can learn how to deploy and scale containerized applications.

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In-depth coverage of Docker concepts and deployment

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Hands-on experience with Docker Compose, Docker Networking, and Docker Swarm

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Live online sessions with industry experts<br /><br /><br />

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Skills You’ll Learn


Understanding of containerization and Docker concepts


Deploying and managing containerized applications using Docker Compose


Implementing Docker Networking for container communication


Scaling applications using Docker Swarm


Best practices for containerization

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Course Reviews


  • What is Docker?
  • Docker ecosystem and its components
  • Benefits of Docker
  • Use cases of Docker
  • Docker terminology

  • Virtualization
  • Containerization
  • Comparison between virtualization and containerization
  • Advantages of containerization over virtualization

  • Docker architecture components
  • Docker daemon
  • Docker client
  • Docker registry
  • Types of Docker registries

  • Setting up EC2 instances
  • Installing Docker on EC2 instances
  • Configuring Docker on EC2 instances
  • Testing Docker on EC2 instances

  • Docker command-line interface
  • Docker commands for managing images and containers
  • Docker commands for managing networks and volumes

  • Dockerfile syntax
  • Creating a Dockerfile
  • Building an image from a Dockerfile
  • Best practices for writing Dockerfiles

  • Creating a Docker container
  • Starting and stopping Docker containers
  • Pushing Docker images to a registry
  • Pulling Docker images from a registry

  • Docker Hub
  • Private Docker registry
  • Setting up a private Docker registry
  • Pushing and pulling images from a private Docker registry

  • Docker images and layers
  • Docker containers
  • Portable lightweight containers
  • Advantages of using portable lightweight containers

  • Docker commit
  • Docker push to a public registry
  • Docker push to a private registry
  • Best practices for Docker advanced features

  • Building Docker images for real-time container applications
  • Building Docker images for Spring Boot applications
  • Building Docker images for Python apps
  • Building Docker images for .Net and NodeJS applications

  • Docker volumes
  • Docker bind mounts
  • Use cases of Docker volumes and bind mounts
  • Production use-case with Jenkins setup and builds deployment

  • Docker networking basics
  • Creating Docker networks
  • Connecting containers to Docker networks
  • Deploying containers with customer projects and networks

  • Docker Compose
  • Automation with YAML
  • Deploying microservices based apps with Docker Compose
  • Best practices for Docker Compose

  • Docker Swarm basics
  • Creating a multi-node cluster with Docker Swarm
  • Cluster management and orchestration with Docker Swarm
  • Best practices for Docker Swarm

  • Installing Docker Swarm
  • Docker Swarm concepts
  • Docker Swarm architecture
  • Best practices for Docker Swarm installation and configuration
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