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Our Salesforce Training course is designed to equip you with the skills and knowledge required to become a proficient Salesforce Developer/Administrator. With our expert-led training, you'll gain hands-on experience in working with Salesforce tools and techniques, and prepare yourself for a successful career in the Salesforce ecosystem.

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Hands-on experience with real-world use cases

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Expert-led training from certified professionals

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Access to Salesforce Developer Edition for practice

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    Personalized Learning with Custom Curriculum

    Training curriculum to meet the unique needs of each individual

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    Trusted by over 100+ Fortune 500 Companies

    We help organizations deliver right outcomes by training talent

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    Flexible Schedule & Delivery

    Choose between virtual/offline with Weekend options

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    World Class Learning Infrastructure

    Our learning platform provides leading virtual training labs & instances

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    Enterprise Grade Data Protection

    Security & privacy are an integral part of our training ethos

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    Real-world Projects

    We work with experts to curate real business scenarios as training projects

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Skills You’ll Learn


Salesforce architecture and data model


Customization and configuration using point-and-click tools


Apex programming language and Visualforce pages


Lightning Component Framework and App Builder


Integration with external systems and APIs


Data management and security best practices

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1-on-1 Training

USD 200 / INR 17000
  • Option Item Access to live online classes
  • Option Item Flexible schedule including weekends
  • Option Item Hands-on exercises with virtual labs
  • Option Item Session recordings and learning courseware included
  • Option Item 24X7 learner support and assistance
  • Option Item Book a free demo before you commit!
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Corporate Training

On Request
  • Option Item Everything in 1-on-1 Training plus
  • Option Item Custom Curriculum
  • Option Item Extended access to virtual labs
  • Option Item Detailed reporting of every candidate
  • Option Item Projects and assessments
  • Option Item Consulting Support
  • Option Item Training aligned to business outcomes
For Corporates
vectorsg Unlock Organizational Success through Effective Corporate Training: Enhance Employee Skills and Adaptability
  • Choose customized training to address specific business challenges and goals, which leads to better outcomes and success.
  • Keep employees up-to-date with changing industry trends and advancements.
  • Adapt to new technologies & processes and increase efficiency and profitability.
  • Improve employee morale, job satisfaction, and retention rates.
  • Reduce employee turnovers and associated costs, such as recruitment and onboarding expenses.
  • Obtain long-term organizational growth and success.

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  • Define Salesforce and Customer Relationship Management
  • Introduction to Force.com
  • Why we use Salesforce CRM
  • Different Editions of Salesforce
  • Salesforce Registration
  • Building and Customizing Home page, Apps and Tabs
  • Salesforce Architecture- Multi-tenant and Meta-Data driven.
  • CRM Object Capabilities

  • Introduction to Customer Relationships
  • Introduction to Quote Templates
  • Creating a Quote record and its template
  • Quote PDF

  • Salesforce Sales Cloud Basics
  • Creating List views and Email Leads
  • Generating and Converting Leads
  • Creating Accounts and Contacts
  • Sending personal and group Emails
  • Creating Campaigns and Activities
  • Creating Opportunities and Products
  • Creating Web-to-Lead Form and Lead Assignment Rule

  • Service Cloud Basics
  • Creating Cases and Case Assignment Rules
  • Case Escalation Rules
  • Creating and Activating Solutions
  • Setting and Enabling Knowledge
  • Creating web-to-case Form and Email-to-case address

  • Creating Objects, Standard Object Components
  • Altering and Renaming Standard Objects
  • External Objects and Custom Objects
  • Field Types, Field Dependencies
  • Adding Fields in Objects
  • Rollup Summary Field
  • Creating Lookup and Master-Detail Fields
  • Creating Data and Time Fields
  • Creating Email and Phone Fields
  • Creating Text and Text area fields
  • Creating Currency, Geolocation, and Percent Fields
  • Creating encrypted and URL Fields
  • Standard and Formula Fields

  • Organization level or System-level security
  • Profile and Permission Sets
  • Administering users
  • Troubleshooting
  • Security Settings and Tab Settings
  • Password Policies and IP Address Security
  • Field Level Security and Activations
  • Session Settings and Page Layout Assignment
  • Role Hierarchy Creation
  • Record Level and Object-level security
  • Public Group and Queue 

  • Creating links, buttons, and Actions
  • Creating Custom Links and Custom Buttons
  • Creating and Updating Records with Actions
  • Logging a call through Actions
  • Global Action and Object Specific Action 

  • Introduction to Schema Editor, Process Builder, and Visual WorkFlow
  • Creating a Visual Flow and Altering the existing flows
  • Setting Process Builder
  • Creating a Process through Process Builder
  • Creating the Fields through the Schema Editor

  • Data processing Overview
  • Data Exporting
  • Unique Fields and External ID
  • Installing Apex Data Loader
  • Using the Data Loader and Import Wizard
  • Updating and Deleting with Data Loader
  • Transferring record ownership
  • Creating and Using the Sandbox
  • Setting up a Data Export
  • Reporting the Snapshots
  • Tags

  • Validation Rules Basics
  • Creating Validation Rules
  • Creating Formulas and Error Messages

  • Hierarchy Relationship
  • Many to Many Relationship
  • User Management
  • Self Relationship

  • Creating tabular, matrix, and summary reports
  • Importance of Tabular, Summary, and Matrix reports
  • Executing a report, Report Builder, and Report Formula
  • Conventional reports available, report and security
  • Creating: Leads report, Opportunity report, Scheduling report, Campaign report.
  • Using filters in reports
  • Access Management in Reports
  • Creating Dashboards
  • Bucket Field and Dynamic Dashboards
  • Dashboards components

  • Introduction to Chatter
  • Enabling Chatter and Configuring Chatter groups
  • Enabling Chatter feeds on the records.
  • Email Notification in Chatter
  • Creating the free customer chatter user
  • Creating customer groups
  • Customizing Email Notifications in Chatter
  • Customizing and Enabling Libraries and Content
  • Enabling Ideas
  • Setting Ideas Themes
  • Activating Social Accounts
  • Setting Salesforce to Salesforce
  • Sharing the Account through salesforce to salesforce
  • Accepting the Salesforce Connection
  • Setting Salesforce1

  • Introduction to Salesforce1 and SalesforceA
  • Differentiate Salesforce1 and SalesforceA

  • VF Page basics and configuration
  • MVC Introduction
  • Custom or Standard Controller in VisualForce
  • Building charts through VisualForce 
  • Custom and Standard Controller in VisualForce
  • Wrapper Classes on VF Page
  • Implementing Javascript on the VisualForce Pages, Action Controller, and Functions

  • PageMessage
  • PanelBar and PanelGrid
  • PanelBarmItem and PanelGroup

  • Column and CommandLink
  • Detail and Facet
  • Iframe and ListViews
  • Include script and Include Page

  • ActionStatus
  • ActionFunction
  • ActionSupport

  • Using Static Resources in VisualForce
  • Revoking Links, Buttons, and Tabs
  • Dynamic Binding
  • Integrating Emails with VisualForce
  • VisualForce Templates

  • Create CSS classes
  • Internal and External CSS
  • StaticResource in the ExternalCSS
  • Using Javascript Functions and DOM in VisualForce
  • Javascript Events and Validations in VisualForce
  • Internal and External Javascript

  • Data types, Variables, and Identifiers
  • Methods, Access Modifiers
  • Conditional and Exceptional statements
  • Syntax of classes and objects
  • Creating methods
  • Constructors
  • Reference Variables
  • Inheritance, Abstraction
  • Polymorphism and Encapsulation
  • Wizard class and Wrapper classes

  • Apex Programming Basics
  • Apex Data types, Variables, and Control flow statements
  • Classes, Interfaces, and Objects
  • Working with Apex Programming
  • Building Charts through Apex Programming
  • Implementing Triggers in Apex Programming

  • Trigger Events
  • Before and After Triggers
  • Insert Triggers
  • Delete and Undelete Triggers
  • Update Triggers
  • NewMap and OldMap
  • Recursive Triggers
  • Validation Rule and Workflows with Trigger
  • Calling Batch Apex callouts and Schedule Future methods from Trigger

  • Iterable Class
  • Query LOCATOR
  • Start, Execute and Finish Method
  • Sending Email from Finish Method
  • BatchableContext
  • Debug Batch Apex
  • Creating Future Methods in the Batch Apex
  • Implementing Database AllowCallouts
  • Calling Batch in a Batch
  • Serializing Batch by Batch

  • Introduction to SOQL and SOSL
  • Static and Dynamic SOQL
  • Fetching the records on VF through SOQL
  • Inserting the records from VF to Salesforce
  • Relational and Functional SOQL
  • Governing Limits in SOQL

  • Differentiate DML Statements and Database class methods
  • DML operations
  • Insert statement and Delete statement
  • Update statement and Upsert statement
  • Undelete statement and Merge statement
  • Rollback operations
  • DML SavePoint

  • AppExchange Basics
  • Selecting an App and Custom App Installation
  • Searching a Developer and a Consultant 

  • Workflow Rules basics
  • Creating a Workflow rule Email Alert
  • Creating a Workflow rule Task Assignment and Field Update
  • Field Updation using Workflows
  • Workflow Actions
  • Introduction to Approval Process
  • Approval Process Automation

  • Automating Records updation
  • Automating Tasks creation and Emails
  • Outbound Messages
  • Workflow rules limitations
  • Time-Dependent workflows.

  • Lightning Components
  • Capabilities of Lightning Components
  • VisualForce vs. Lightning Components
  • Implementing Lightning Web Components in Salesforce

  • User Interface Overview
  • User Interface General, Calendar, Sidebar, and Setup options
  • User Interface Name Settings
  • Dynamically Updating the UI components.

  • Introduction to Deployment and Change Sets
  • Inbound and Outbound Change Sets
  • Deployment Settings and Status

  • Application LifeCycle Basics
  • Important considerations and Milestones
  • Using Sandboxes in the App Development
  • Using Change sets
  • Packages

  • Introduction to web services and integration
  • Importance and kinds of web services
  • JSON class, Generator class, parser, and serialization
  • JSON Deserialization
  • XML classes
  • Creating APEX WSDL File
  • Integration through SOAP and REST API
  • Integration using GCP
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